Adjustable Coilovers Reservoir Shocks For Tacoma. Why These are best for your Tacoma.

adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma

Adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma.

Coilover shocks are a popular suspension upgrade for off-road enthusiasts and autocross drivers. They provide increased adjustability and performance over standard shock absorbers. Coilover shocks combine a shock absorber and a coil spring into a single unit. This allows for independent adjustment of the spring rate and ride height. Coilovers allow you to customize the suspension for different uses like off-roading or track days.

The key benefits of adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma include: – Improved handling and traction from adjustable dampening – The ability to change ride height for increased clearance or lower center of gravity – Custom spring rates to tailor suspension stiffness – Increased suspension travel for better performance over rough terrain – More precise and consistent setup between front and rear Installing a set of coilover shocks is one of the most impactful mods you can make.

It provides a transformative upgrade over stock suspension. Coilovers give you greater control over ride quality, handling dynamics, and vehicle geometry. This guide will cover a top-rated adjustable coilover shock set for Tacoma trucks. We’ll look at the components, installation, tuning, and compares with other options on the market. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your Tacoma with higher performance suspension.

What are Coilover Reservoir Shocks and Where Can i Find Them For Sale? Coilover shocks are a type of high-performance suspension system used on vehicles to improve handling and comfort. They consist of a shock absorber, coil spring, and adjustable mounting perches all built into a single integrated unit.

Unlike standard shocks that are separate from the coil springs, the coilover places the coil spring surrounding the shock body. This allows the spring and shock absorber to work together in unison, providing much better control over the suspension motion. Coilovers get their name from combining a “coil spring” and “shock absorber” into one assembly. The coil spring determines the compression rate and supports the weight of the vehicle. The shock absorber dampens the motion of the spring, controlling how fast it compresses and rebounds. Inside the shock body is a piston moving through oil that provides the damping force. The piston has small holes or shim stacks that hydraulic oil flows through, generating resistance to suspension movement.

Adjustable valves give control over the oil flow, letting you tune the damping stiffness. Reservoir shocks add an external reservoir that houses excess oil, allowing for cooler operating temps and more consistent damping control. The oil expands when heated, so the reservoir gives a place for the oil to expand into rather than overfilling the main shock body. Overall, coilover reservoir shocks provide an integrated suspension solution for optimized handling, ride comfort, and adjustability. The coils, shocks, and oil work together seamlessly to give greater control over the suspension motion.

Benefits of Coilover Shocks Coilover shock absorbers offer a number of advantages over standard shocks: Improved Handling and Control The main benefit of coilover shocks is improved handling and control. Coilovers allow each wheel to move independently, providing more precise control over the suspension. This helps maximize traction and grip when cornering or braking.

Adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma also have more responsive dampening, meaning they can react quicker to bumps and dips in the road. This gives the driver better control and responsiveness. Overall, coilovers provide a more connected, tightly controlled feel behind the wheel.

Adjustable Ride Height Another key advantage of coilovers is the ability to adjust ride height. This allows you to lower your vehicle closer to the ground for a performance oriented stance. Lower ride height improves handling by reducing body roll. Many Tacoma Coilovers allow height adjustments through the threaded body design. This means you can fine tune the height by raising or lowering the spring perch. Adjustable ride height gives you flexibility for different uses, from daily driving to competitive motorsports. So in summary, coilover shocks enhance performance through improved handling and adjustable ride height. Drivers will notice more responsive, planted feel with reduced body roll. This allows pushing the vehicle harder through corners with confidence.

Key Components Coilover shocks consist of 3 main components that work together to improve handling and ride quality:

adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma

Shocks The shock absorbers contain hydraulic fluid and valves that dampen the up-and-down motion of the suspension. Adjustable shocks allow you to change the valving to fine-tune the damping characteristics. Increased damping provides more resistance and better handling, while decreased damping produces a softer, more comfortable ride.

Springs Coil springs support the weight of the vehicle and determine ride height. Stiffer springs keep the vehicle higher off the ground with less body roll, while softer springs allow for a lower stance and a smoother ride over bumps. Coilovers allow you to upgrade to higher performance springs.

Reservoirs The external reservoirs on coilover shocks hold excess hydraulic fluid, keeping it cooler than fluid inside the main shock body. This improves damping consistency. The reservoirs also allow for increased fluid capacity and easier shock tuning.

This adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for Tacoma is designed specifically for Toyota Tacoma trucks, providing an upgrade over the stock suspension system. The set includes a pair of front and rear shocks that allow height and damping adjustability to customize the ride for your needs. The shocks feature a coilover design with an integrated reservoir to provide additional oil capacity for improved cooling compared to a standard twin tube shock. The adjustable damping gives you control over the rebound and compression to fine-tune the handling and ride comfort.

The threaded body allows you to raise or lower the height of the vehicle by up to 3 inches (coilovers tacoma 3 inch lift). Lowering the truck slightly can improve handling and aerodynamics, while maintaining sufficient ground clearance for off-road use. Raising the height allows fitting larger tires and improves approach/departure angles for off-road terrain. These high performance shocks are crafted from aluminum and steel to withstand tough conditions while reducing unsprung weight compared to the factory shocks. The set includes all mounting hardware for direct bolt-on installation to replace the OEM shocks. Overall, this coilover system gives you the versatility to customize your Tacoma for improved on-road performance and off-road capability.

Installation Installing this coilover shock set into your Tacoma requires some mechanical skills and tools. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the job:

Required Tools – Floor jack – Jack stands – Basic socket set with ratchets – Wrenches for 14mm, 17mm, 19mm bolts – Torque wrench – Spring compressor

  • Installation Steps 1. Park your Tacoma on level ground and apply the parking brake. Use the floor jack to lift the front end and place jack stands securely under the frame rails.
  • 2. Remove the front wheels. This gives you easier access to the shock towers and control arms.
  • 3. Use a wrench to remove the lower shock bolts on both sides. You may need to use a pry bar to pop the bolts loose. Retain stock hardware.
  • 4. Loosen and remove the top nuts holding the stock shock assemblies in place. Carefully lower and remove the stock shocks.
  • 5. Install the new coilover reservoir shocks reusing the stock upper mounts and hardware. Torque upper nuts to factory spec.
  • 6. Attach the lower shock bolts but do not fully tighten yet.
  • 7. Access and remove the stock lower control arms. Again retain hardware for reinstallation.
  • 8. Install the new adjustable control arms in the same orientation and attach with the factory bolts/nuts.
  • 9. With everything installed, you can now torque all bolts to factory specs.
  • 10. Reinstall the wheels, lower the Tacoma, and perform a test drive. Adjust the coilovers as needed. The basic installation steps involve removing the stock shocks and arms, installing the new components in the same orientation, torquing all hardware to spec, and testing the suspension.

Be sure to use proper jacking points and support to safely lift your truck. Adjust the coilovers once installed to customize the ride height and handling.

Tuning and Adjustment One of the key benefits of coilover shocks is that they allow for tuning and adjustment to customize the suspension for your specific needs. Here are some tips on tuning your new Tacoma coilover shocks:

Adjusting Ride Height – The threaded shock body allows you to raise or lower your vehicle height. Turn the lower spring perch clockwise to increase ride height, or counter-clockwise to lower it. – Make adjustments in small increments of around 1/4 to 1/2 inch at a time. Measure the height and test the change before further adjusting. – Adjust all 4 shocks equally to maintain proper suspension geometry and weight distribution.

Adjusting Damping – Use the external adjustment knobs to tune compression and rebound damping. This controls how fast the shock absorbs impacts vs returns to its natural position. – Increase compression damping if you feel bottoming out over bumps. Increase rebound damping if the rebound feels too fast or bouncy. – Turn knobs clockwise for increased damping, counter-clockwise to decrease it. Adjust in increments of 2 clicks at a time until the desired feel is achieved. – Test drive over various road surfaces and conditions to dial in proper damping settings. Adjust as needed. – Periodically inspect and adjust damping settings as components settle-in over the first 500-1000 miles.


Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure your coilover shocks continue performing at their best. Here are some tips:

  • Cleaning – Periodically clean dirt and debris off the shock bodies and dust boots using a soft brush and mild soap and water solution. Avoid high-pressure washing.
  • – Wipe dust and dirt off the shock rods when inspecting.
  • – Keep the threads on the adjustable perches free of dirt and grit to allow easy height adjustments. Replacing Fluids – Check oil levels in the reservoir every 6 months or 5,000 miles. Top off if low using the same type of shock oil originally inside.
  • – Every 30,000-50,000 miles, drain the old oil and refill the reservoirs with new shock oil. Dispose of old oil properly. Inspecting Components – Check dust boots for cracks or damage, and replace if worn.
  • – Look for leaks around the seals, cracks in the shock body, or a blown bladder in the reservoir. Replace individual components or the entire coilover set if necessary.
  • – Verify torque specs for all hardware. Tighten or re-torque any loose fasteners.
  • – Test for smooth operation throughout suspension travel and proper rebound. Rebuild or replace if worn out.

Comparable Products Other coilover options for Tacomas include & best coilovers for 3rd gen tacoma:

  1. **Fox 2.0 Performance Series Coilovers** – These are high-end coilovers designed for off-road use. They are made by Fox Racing Shox and feature aluminum shock bodies and racing-grade shock valving. The 2.0 series offers a wide range of external adjustability.
  2. **Bilstein 5100 Series Reservoir Coilovers** – From a leading German shock absorber manufacturer, the Bilstein 5100 series are monotube, gas-pressurized coilovers. They utilize Bilstein’s patented digressive pistons for improved off-road performance. This kit offers ride height adjustability.
  3. **King 2.5 Adventure Series Coilover Reservoir Shocks** – These lightweight aluminum coilovers from King Shocks feature large diameter 2.5 inch shock bodies and remote reservoirs for cooling fluid and nitrogen. The Adventure Series is designed for high performance off-road use with a smooth ride.
  4. **ToyTec Lift Kit with Coilovers** – ToyTec offers Tacoma lift kits that include aluminum bodied coilover shocks paired with lift springs. These affordably priced coilovers offer basic adjustability and improved damping for lifted trucks.
  5. **Rough Country Lift Kit with N3 Shocks** – This budget option from Rough Country is a coilover lift kit featuring N3 nitrogen-charged shocks. It provides a basic coilover setup for a low price point. This kit is best for mild off-roading and improved stance.
adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma


This adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma set delivers numerous benefits for Tacoma owners looking to upgrade their suspension system & are the best coilovers for tacoma. By installing these high-performance shocks, you can achieve a smoother ride, better handling and control, and the ability to customize the height and firmness of your suspension. The front and rear shocks in this set are designed specifically for Tacomas, ensuring a direct bolt-on fit and optimal compatibility. They allow you to tune the suspension for different driving conditions by adjusting the spring preload and compression damping. This adjustability gives you more versatility than stock shocks.

The included control arms further enhance performance by providing more precise wheel alignment and reducing excess vehicle movement. With stronger mono-tube shocks and multi-ply inserts, this coilover kit offers greater durability for off-roading and daily driving. Overall, the adjustable design, name-brand components, and robust construction make this an excellent suspension upgrade for Tacoma owners. The improved ride quality, handling, and customization options will elevate your driving experience. This high-value coilover set delivers a comprehensive solution to give your Tacoma a smoother, more stable ride.

adjustable coilovers reservoir shocks for tacoma

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