How to Find the Best Off-Road Trails

The joys of feeling your tires hit dirt are without compare. As explorers, that first moment of departure from the world of smooth asphalt signals the start of our latest adventure. It is freeing, exhilarating, and downright fun.

Whether you are on the hunt for challenging trails meant only for experienced off-roaders or are looking to get your feet wet with some beginner off-road trails, there is often a shared barrier—actually finding trails nearby.

If you have found yourself using every possible outlet to search for “off-road trails near me,” we understand. As off-road and adventure enthusiasts, we have all been there. That is why the new Ontrail app from BFGoodrich is so exciting.

Off-Road Trails

Key Features of the BFGoodrich Ontrail App

Designed to be user-friendly for off-roaders of all skill and experience levels, the Ontrail app has several key features that are built into its easy-to-use interface. Many of these features are similar to those you would find in any navigation application, while others are unique to off-road use.

For example, you can track your trail progress with the tap of a button. Doing so will record your distance, speed, time, and altitude. You can also mark obstacles and trail blockages—like water crossings or those pesky closed gates—using the app’s built-in tools. Notes and photos can be added if you want to be extra thorough and warn the community of any potential trail problems. Other related features include the ability to trace a trail you are interested in and add waypoints.

If you want to ensure your trail day will not be cut short by rain or other inclement weather, great news—the app has a built-in weather feature that gives you all the information you need about the point of interest you have selected.

When it comes to utilizing the app and navigating the maps, you can select between off-road, satellite, and satellite with roads. You can then add or remove layers from the map, giving you control over from which sources the roads displayed are pulled. The three main types of layers are government data, community-generated trails, and featured trails from app partners.

The Ontrail app lets you save trails you want to conquer in the future, saves your off-roading history, and allows you to download trails so you have access to pertinent information even when you do not have cellphone service.

Off-Road Trails

Community Contributions

Something that differentiates the Ontrail app from alternatives is how integral and interactive the community is. Not only can you share your trail rides, including any hazards, with other users, but they can also interact with that information.

For example, if you mark a water crossing on a trail, and that water crossing eventually dries up, people can downvote and/or update the hazard, and the app will delete it. The opposite is also true—if the water crossing is no longer safe to use, people can upvote and/or update the obstacle with that information. In other words, the community works together to keep the app and the trail data as up-to-date as possible.

If you want to keep your information private, you have that option too. Upon completing a record of a trail, you will have the choice to publish it and share it or keep it to yourself. However, the more people share, the stronger and more comprehensive the trail network will become.

The community aspect of the app also includes valuable tips and tricks to help off-roaders of all experience levels thrive off-pavement and stay safe while exploring. As you complete these handy guides, you will score experience points that can eventually be used to access exclusive featured trails.

Not to be confused with experience points, tread points are earned by submitting a trail or reviewing a trail. The more trails you interact with, the more tread points you will earn. You can then use these points to enter various sweepstakes and win epic prizes.

Off-Road Trails

Finding Off-Road Trails

There are a handful of ways to find trails to explore, and the app makes each way exceptionally easy. As you find and tap on trails, you will be presented with the distance of the trail, the expected time to complete it, a community rating of the trail, and a short description.

You can simply explore the map by moving it around, zooming in and out, and tapping on the trail icons that appear as you do so. This is a great way to get a feel for an area you are interested in, especially if you are looking for an area with an extensive trail network.

The Ontrail app has a search bar that allows you to find a specific trail in which you are interested. This is a fantastic tool for finding important information about a trail you have heard of and finding a trail you have been wanting to tackle.

You can also use in-app filters to find trails that fit certain criteria. Select the vehicle type you will be taking on the trail, the difficulty level you want, and the length of the trail for which you have time. You will also want to pick the season during which you will be visiting the trail to ensure it is open. You can even limit the displayed trails based on their community ratings.

If you want to participate in a growing community of off-roaders where you can both find new trails and share those you already know, the Ontrail app from BFGoodrich is hard to beat. As you use the app, you will slowly create your own journal of off-road adventures that you can use for personal fulfillment or share with others.

We hope that this app inspires you to get outside, spend more time on your favorite trails, discover new off-road adventures, and develop a community that shares your passion. For a more in-depth, hands-on look at the Ontrail app, watch this video. Then, be sure to check out the app and visit the TacomaLegacy website for all of your Toyota Tacoma needs.

Off-Road Trails
Off-Road Trails

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